Saturday, May 26, 2018

Post 1 out 5 - What is the purpose of life?

Is interesting that some people never have to think about this while others do?

For many the purpose is simple. Life is hard. Having more money makes life easier. Therefore the purpose of life is to make more money.

For me it is pretty simple too. Somehow I felt inadequate as a child. So now if I can only accomplish great success, I will fulfill my purpose. But these days I know not to be all or none anymore. Nothing wrong with not accomplishing much, but no need to rationalize out of my lack of accomplishment. At the same time, it is OK to feel a little anxiety, but do not spiral into negativity about my lack of success.

Couple of revelations this week.

3 aspect of out daily existence make life enjoyable.

You live for

1 - the present
2 - the future
3 - your purpose

Try your best to merge those three and you will feel invigorated.

Another enlightening word - catastrophizing

Circumstances or people are usually not as bad OR as great as you imagine it.

On regrets, comparison, and fear.

On regret. If you keep looking back you will not see what's in front of you, thereby running into a wall or miss opportunities.

Do not compare to other people right now, compare to who you were yesterday, and strive to be better.

What is your greatest fear right now? Sickness leading to death with absence of legacy. Is your fear also your purpose? Often it is. If you can make steady progress to diminish your fear, then your are fulfilling your purpose.This is mentioned in way of the superior man I believe.

So what can I do RIGHT NOW to alleviate my anxiety?
Find a sperm bank to store my sperm. Call 3 different places.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Calling the City Planning Department

In Santa Monica, if you want to find out what you can build on a particular lot, you will need to call the city. Specifically the planning department.

The phone number to the Planning Department is 310-458-8341. You also find it on the website

You can also go to the public counter at the City Hall Room 111, and speak to the planner. The public counter is open 9-4pm on weekdays.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Capital Deployment During Stock Market Downturn

First of all, I did not come up with this concept. I learn it from Financial Samurai. I think it is a great concept to keep you on course when the stock market suddenly goes south.

We all say we will buy low and sell high, but when the market drops like a falling knife, there will be a flood of emotion that alters your decision.

Given the recent drop in the market and a new lower plateau that we have reached, I will plan my investment based on the correction from this plateau of S&P 500 - 2786. I have already deployed some investment during last months drop.

S&P 500 drop 2% from peak (2730) - Invest $25,000
S&P 500 drop 4% from peak (2674) - Invest $25,00
SP500 4% drop (2044) – 15,000
SP500 8% drop (1959) – 20,000
SP500 12% drop (1874) – 30,000
SP500 16% drop (1789) – 20,000
SP500 20% drop (1704) – 15,000 - See more at:
S&P 500 drop 6% from peak (2618) - Invest $25,000
SP500 4% drop (2044) – 15,000
SP500 8% drop (1959) – 20,000
SP500 12% drop (1874) – 30,000
SP500 16% drop (1789) – 20,000
SP500 20% drop (1704) – 15,000 - See more at:
S&P 500 drop 8% from peak (2563) - Invest $25,000
S&P 500 drop 10% from peak (2507) - Invest $25,000

SP500 4% drop (2044) – 15,000
SP500 8% drop (1959) – 20,000
SP500 12% drop (1874) – 30,000
SP500 16% drop (1789) – 20,000
SP500 20% drop (1704) – 15,000 - See more at:

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Prioritizing The Important Things in Life

Some people have an internal compass that automatically sort, organize, and prioritize the elements in their lives. Whereas other people, like me, do not. I am more on the creative side, scatter brained, jumping on wild ideas. This inability to prioritize and organize also lead to anxiety as small problems are emotionally magnified. Because of this observation about myself, I realized that I need to consciously think through what I thrive for, what is truly important, what take precedence. As I go through this exercise I become less anxious, my goals become clear, and I become more focused.

In order of importance, these are what I value in life.

1 - Health,

2 - Relationship

3 - Money

4 - Freedom, autonomy

5 - Success, achievement, progress, respect

For other people it maybe different. I am not religious or spiritual, but I can see that high up in the order of importance.

Since this blog is about financial freedom I will digress and discuss what constitute a good job. What you like about a job also over lap with some of the elements listed above, especially the last 3. Our professions take up a majority of our waking time; therefore, we should optimize it to improve the quality of our lives.

Here are some elements of a good job:

Control over schedule
Interesting subject
Challenge, growth
Align with your strength
Good colleague
Pay, especially progressive increase in pay
Making a difference in the world

I become grateful for what I have as I go through this exercise. And the things that I lack, knowing it is not essential, causes me less anxiety.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Annual Family Expense

This is my estimate for annual cost of living for a family of 4. I currently have 4 properties that I am in the process of turning into cash flow positive. The hope is that I will have enough rental income so that I can live for free thereby eliminating housing as part of my expense.

Childcare 42000
Food 23000
Vacation 18000
Car 9600
Gas 5000
Car Insurance 2000
Life Insurance 2500
Clothes 9500
Children's Lessons 12000
Miscellaneous 10000

Total $133,600

This still require that I make $270,000 a year. I will put $40,000 in my SEP-IRA. With $230,000 left and assuming 40% tax which will leave me with $138,000. The plus side of this equation is that if I have a family of 4 by default I will have a wife with income all of which will be icing on the cake.